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New Spring Book Group Book!

“This is the core of our task: to respect and revere ourselves, and so bring about a world in which women are respected and revered, recognised once again as holding the life-giving power of the earth itself.”

A life-changing journey from the wasteland of modern society to a place of nourishment and connection.

A free book group where everyone is welcome with no pretences.

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Whole Heart of a Woman Weekend

Want to connect with a group of like-minded women in a supportive, fun, open minded environment?

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Yoga, walking, meditating and celebrating! Click on the picture above or this link right here.

Whole Soul Coaching

If you ready for a breakthrough, real positive change in your life, I can help you with that. From matters of the heart, to de-stressing or lifestyle changes, a session with me fuses coaching with yoga philosophy, meditation and practices.  Together we can cover whatever YOU want.  Free from judgement in total confidence.  If you know that now is your time for your next step then this is for you!

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Yoga, life, and all that happens along the way.

From ramblings and thoughts to practical exercises and challenges. Local, national, and international classes, workshops and retreats.

This is the perfect sanctuary for you if you are looking for a gentle, respectful, and positive approach to their world.  Our world.

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I have really enjoyed your yoga sessions & have always felt uplifted & joyful during & afterwards. Thank you so much. The one on one session was also pretty amazing!!

Jilly Wilson

Hi Charlotte I just wanted to say thank you for the great coaching session.  You’ve given me some great food for thought.  As a solopreneur it’s hard to see the big picture and it is helpful to have an outside perspective.  Your questions helped me find some clarity and next steps.

Vicky Lewis