It Might be Wet and Windy but Autumn is Beautiful


Autumn has well and truely arrived here in the UK.  Summer is over and we find ourselves in a season of fruitful abundance.  I love nature and although I am not religions I also love exploring cultural and religious beliefs and practices.

Every so often I discover something that is wonderful and/or relevant and today is one such occasion.  Today I heard about the Hindu Goddress Saraswati  who is traditionally celebrated during Autumn.

Saraswati is the goddess of learning, knowledge, and wisdom.  As a beautiful woman she is beleived to represent the idea of the allure of these pursuits.  Acknowledging her divinity signifies the start to our own journey for inner knowledge and wisdom.  She has mental harmony which is attainable for all when we commit to our own journey of inner learning.

My kind of goddess!  I will happily celebrate this wonderful lady this Autumn and re-commit to my own journey of learning, knowledge, and wisdom.

If you have any of your own empowerful Autumnal icons or practices please share them in the comments!

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