Creating Happiness

4 years ago, almost to the day, I made a promise to myself to only do things that would make me happy.   As the financial world starting toppling I believed there were few options to escape a job that made me miserable.  I decided that outside of my day job I would invest my time, energy and money on hobbies that I enjoyed and only do things that made me happy.

I took a sewing skill course where I met a lady who put me in contact with another lady who started giving me bits and pieces of work assisting her as a stylist.  This meant that a year later I could take a huge risk and leave the corporate job.

The assisting work dried up. I was determined to commit to my own happiness, my own wellbeing, and my own journey.
I was not going to follow paths that made other people happy at the cost of my own happiness.  Not all of my jobs between then and now have worked out.  There have been some disappointments and tears.  I have had to battle my own limiting beliefs as well as others cynicism about the path I was choosing.

I have uncovered talents that I never knew I had.  I have gained in confidence.  I feel that I have truly found my life  purpose. I want to help other people reach for and achieve their dreams.  I want to do that whilst working on dress, wool felting a moustache brooch, making my tattoo inspired cushions, or crocheting my pirate hooded scarf.

I never believed that I was creative.  Having a go, finding my creative side, and nurturing it to the point where I actually managed to insert a zip!  This has unleashed an inner confidence that I never knew I possessed.  It has been a powerful journey.  Exploring my creativity is where the Happy Hunt began, and has kept me sane along the way.  Signing up to a sewing course and creating a (badly fitting) dress has created me confidence, opportunities, head space, and a clear road towards my happiness.

So go forth Happy Hunters everywhere!  Pick up a ball of wool and a card circle and make a pom-pom.  Make a tea cosy, knit or crochet a baby blanket for someone you know. The people that love you will not care if the stitching is loose or it has holes in.   I am creating happiness for myself and those around me, and you can too.

Charlotte x

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