The Happy Hunt For Self Love

A love letter straight from myself! Valentines day is just around the corner. I found this wonderful card and, after a truly terrible week, decided it was a sign from the universe to remind myself that I love and accept myself.

I would show you what I wrote to myself – but it is personal ūüėČ

Q. What can you do to show yourself some love today?

Even if you are expecting a grand romantic gestures this valentines day, grab a piece of paper or a card and create your own love letter to yourself.  Tell yourself the things you do well, you like and love about yourself. Any positive message you need to hear now.  Write it down and send it to yourself!

This does not make you crazy, or needy, or desperate! Writing down the things we love about ourselves is a way of over-writing anything negative that might be sneaking in or other people may be projecting onto you.

If you would like to join me in some reflective self-love then please feel free.  And, as always you are welcome to  share your personal experiences about exercises in reaffirming self-love in the comments below.  I am going to leave my card out for now, and let my reassuring loving kindness sink in some more!

See you next week

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