How To Experience True Love When You Are Single

Give or take a false start of two, I have not had a ‘proper’ boyfriend for nearly 8 years. Am I bothered? No. It horrifies some people though.  I believe I still experience true love every day even though I am single.
Love is a sense of togetherness within our self or our spirit. When we know we belong
here and now, in our own skin, in our own lives. Sometimes we meet another person and a bond is made. If the minds meet in true synchronicity a loving relationship is created.

We can focus on the need for someone else to make us happy, afraid to be alone, of our own company. Or we can look within and provide ourselves with the support, acceptance and love that will make us truly happy.

Love is everywhere, in every act and in every exchange of energy.  You can choose to see the loneliness, the evil and unjust, the hatred, war and famine; to see the lack; to see singledom as a failure to be frustrated by or pitied.

Or you can see the love in every sanctuary offered to those in need, every act of fearless courage, of protection, charity and kindness; to see the abundance of love available for us all; to see singledom as an opportunity to grow.

We are capable of sharing love with everyone whenever possible.  When we
do this we are never alone.

See you next week

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