The Happy Hunt For Love

With Valentines day approaching we are bombarded with messages about how to share with the one you love, gift ideas, cards, romantic restaurants etc etc etc etc etc.

What about us singles?  Well, there is always the special Valentines speed dating event at my favourite bar…  hmmm…  Actually, what if we could cut all of the marketing crap and take Valentines day to simply signify sharing love?  What if this day can be a bit of fun and uplift us all no matter if we are single or in partnership.

All of this Valentines day hype got me thinking…..

I would really LOVE to pass on some of that support I have received over the last few years.  For the month of February, for all existing and new subscribers I will give a 30-45 mins coaching session, completely for free, no strings attached.

All Free sessions must be used by the end of March 2013.

Simply click the button below to subscribe to my mailing list and give me a brief out line of your time zone and ideal days and times for a session.  I will be in touch!

See you soon!

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