Don’t Let Stress Shut You Down.

Stress.  I believe ‘shutting down’ from friends, loved ones, and my network had the biggest detrimental impact on how I used to cope with stress, and how quickly I was able to process and deal with the stress.

Whilst relationships had caused my stress, it seemed clear the best solution to my stress was to cultivate positive relationships with others.

I enforced a no meanies policy in my life.  I don’t tolerate unkindness or negativity being enforced upon me.  I simply move on and don’t engage in it.  I focus on positive relationships.

Why?  What if changing your job is not so easy?  What if you have to work with a
bully?  Or live with someone really selfish?  What if some of your friends and family don’t get you? 

Sometimes we cannot simply walk away from people who bring stress to our door.  However, there are many opportunities to meet new people, cultivate new relationships, and build meaningful and supportive relationships to counterbalance that stress.  

Positive relationships allow us to connect with others on a very basic human level.  We laugh, play, swap ideas, get advice, share stories, grow in confidence and trust, and open up with.  All of these things reduce anxiety and stress.  And then, when stress comes knocking again, we can fall back on our strong network knowing we are supported with love and kindness without judgement.  

See you next week!

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