“Exhaustion and exasperation are frequently the handmaidens of legislative decision”. Barber Conable

Every so often I get a bit frazzled.  I can throw myself at things with complete commitment and then…frazzled, burnt-out Charlotte. 
Often the build up to it is highly productive, and that is why we get caught up and push push push to get everything done.  But it always ends up being exhausting. 

When frazzled there is a sense of urgency for the need of relaxation and down time.  An undertone of stress and anxiety.  A slight desperation for space, room to breathe and think freely.  But when we go back to the same routine that is causing this build up, and draining our resources, burnout is only ever just around the corner. 

Now I can recognise the feeling I get when I need space and to lay off things a bit.  I can take a step back because I know the alternative comes at too big a cost.  I still organise some down time, but it is a totally different experience because the urgency is not there. 
How did I get this insight?  What was my magic wand? Take a look at my video blog where I share my secret mantra with you!

With Love

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