The Secret to Achieving Your Dreams That No One Wants to Blog About.

I love reading “6 Ways to Meditate”, “13 steps to inner freedom”, “7 ways to
succeed in business”. I have picked up some awesome tips from blogs and articles
like these.

But usually I want to offer you one key tip. I don’t want to give you a list of stuff because I believe that focused action creates change.  With clarity we can work with the root of obstacles.  Quick fixes get us on the way, but they don’t always see us through.

When I share a tip with you, it’s because it’s the key thing I learnt, usually amongst a heap of other stuff that was not as effective.  Because true life affirming change is a
long term commitment.  You need to know the tools you are picking up will see you through. 

And here is the little known secret that no one ever really wants to talk about.  Putting in the work is the only real solution.  Full Stop. 

You can have 50 great ways to de-clutter your life.  But what happens when you do them all?  If you have not fixed your deep subconscious drive to hoard you will simply re-clutter your life all over again. 

Sow new seeds – don’t trim the old bush.

Like a seedling we can nurture our dreams into beautiful abundant success. This sounds like hard work.  So ask yourself – are you committed to your dreams?  It is your choice to be 
        Miserable = hardwork, tiring, lonely, joyless

        Happy = focused effort, exhilarating, loving, joyful

Thank you for reading my blog today.  Please don’t give up on your dreams just because they have not happened over night.  Think long term and KEEP GOING!

With Love


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