“The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered your become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become”. Gisele Bundchen

Sometimes, even though we have a niggling feeling that something is not right for us, we do it anyway. Why?

In my past I have ignored my intuition because of my eternal optimism that things will be fine and lack of confidence in my decision making. For example, I commit to something, and then get a bad feeling.  Instead of calling time I keep going – sure that I committed for a reason; there is something I can learn. 

Maybe as we get older we become more confident in our decision making?  Foreseeing which possible outcomes are more likely as a result of our life experience.

Also, as I become more committed to myself, my gifts, outlook, and potential, I can feel an actual intuitive presence guiding me. Authenticity, integrity, and honestly have
become increasingly important to me.  As my life has become more aligned with these values, so my sense of when they are and are not present is heightened. 

Now I see that these alarm bells are vital to my happiness.  If I am not honouring my intuition I am not honouring my values. As I am more able to trust what is good and right for me, so I am able to respectfully decline and withdraw from what is not.  
The voice within us, the niggle, the shiver, the headache, the tension – can become the flutter of joy, the leap of the heart, the good night sleep, the sigh of relief.

I would love for you to share your thoughts on intuition and how/if you tune in – please feel free to share any ideas in the comments below.

See you next week!


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