“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony”. Thomas Merton

When we have commitments, work hard, want a life and to have nice things, it can be hard to find a balance and do everything. 

Everyone is busy, so it must be right, right?  I believe it’s a modern fallacy that if
we are not busier than others we are not doing life right.  Life is so full of stuff, but is it the right stuff?  Is that stuff making you happy?

Again and again I hear this idea we have to do more, have less free time, less sleep, more stress in order to be accepted and our efforts acknowledged. 

When did this happen? Why is it wrong to relax, have time and energy to enjoy the fruits of our labours? And I mean each day, not in a time slot we had to book 3 months in advance and re-schedule twice.

How do we create balance?   For me, this started by writing a personal statement.  I began brainstorming the things I wanted, who I am, what is important to me etc.  I developed those words into sentences, and tied it all together.  I revisit and review
this statement regularly. 

No matter what your current obligations and constraints may be.  With clarity, focus, and will you can achieve a better life balance. It might take compromise, giving some things up completely, accepting help, investment, and time. 

And, if you would like some help writing that personal statement, sign up to The Happy Hunt to download the pdf on Personal Statements in the Resources Page – it is completely free.

See you soon!



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