“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible”. Joel Brown

Contemplation this week….
Human consciousness is an amazing thing. We all have an inner dialogue which is so powerful it can either limit our self-beliefs or give us unlimited self-belief.  And it is entirely our choice. 

You might have a childhood filled with instances and comments that you still replay,
impacting what you now believe you are capable of.  Even as adults the media, friends, family, and colleagues all influence what you believe about yourself.

Often, when we have something on our mind – maybe our weight, relationship issues, work or business worries – we replay our concerns and limiting beliefs again and
again. Our subconscious mind accepts the limiting beliefs as the truth and creates the blue-print for our daily lives in this negative space.  
When I started working to reprogram my limiting beliefs, feeding my subconscious mind with new positive beliefs, amazing things happened.  I began to believe that I deserved to reach for, and achieve, my dreams.  Everything I needed to achieve my goals was available for me. I had to try and have them! It no longer matter if I  failed. So what?  I would have experienced real life growth either way. And the possibility of achieving was worth the risk of failure.  
When we reprogram our default mind-set into one based on self-belief we can see the
possibility in every situation.  We can handle anything.  We create positive changes. We become unstoppable. 

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