“Normal is in the eye of the beholder”. Whoopi Goldberg.

We are all individuals. Yet mass marketing, media messaging and government agendas all seek to sort us into groups.  In turn this creates a social pressure, that “normal” is good, “normal” is aspirational. 

“Normal” is easy to control from a social management point of view.  We all know (well, most people reading this blog anyway!) what it feels like to be the odd one out. 
Those situations where you express an opinion or display behaviour where you receive that look (what is, shock? Discomfort? Confusion?)  It is made clear you are not normal and you don’t fit in there.

But.  What if you do fit in?  What if they are not normal to you?  Who gets to say
what normal is?

Someone once told me in order for me to be accepted by the rest of my team I had to change everything about me to fit in (TRUE STORY!).  Why do people expect us to want to fit in?! What a waste of everything that makes you special.

We are creative beings, and can create whatever “normal” we want.  Be whatever feels “normal” to you. 


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