When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead – Ernest Hemingway

We all know how liberating and enriching having fun can be.  So why do we take life so seriously?!

Yes times are tough for a lot of us. Reality can seem like a place a long way away from fun when we are struggling with work, bills, relationships, the doom fed to us by 24 hour news channels.  
But here is the exciting bit.  Fun is Free. Or it certainly can be if we want it to be.  Yes, I would love to travel the world for fun.  But the absence of funds to do it should not stop me having any fun at all.  I can play with my nieces and nephew, meet with friends, dance around my kitchen, sing like a crazy lady in my car.  The list is endless.  Everything we do has to potential to bring us joy.

When we stop having fun we are switching off a vital energy source within us.  Laughing, smiling, learning new things, letting off steam.  These things keep us confident, happy, positive, friendly, and resilient in the face of problems.  There is lots of research suggesting having fun supports a healthy immune system.  So, don’t stop doing fun stuff.  However tired and negative you might feel – fight for fun, your happiness is worth it.

Charlotte x

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