There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love – Martin Luther King Jr.

Contemplation this week…
I think disapointments are the Universes way of saying “this was not right for you this time”.  There might be no obvious big and meanigful lesson. Just that this time “success” was not the best outcome for you.
If we are not really that bothered to miss out on something, it cannot have been truely important to us.  Deep disappontments can show us what is worth fighting for, how significant our connection was, how much energy and love we had truly
invested.  We will either want to let things go, or pick ourselves up and find another
way to make things work.
I have been looking forward to delivering my Rockstar Coaching workshop at a Festival for months.  Due to some issues outside our control, a large number of crew passes for the event had to be withdrawn – mine included.  Deeply disappointing.  I love this workshop.  It just isnt meant to be part of this festival this time.  
What can we do to overcome disappointment, and recommit to ourselves from a place of love again?  For me, I am certain that this workshop has value.  I am going to find another way for the content to reach people, and hopefully work with the organisers another time.  Dissapointments force us to be honest.  When you next face   disapointment ask yourself “how can I make this work?”

Charlotte xx

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