“Are we too busy telling each other we are fine to make any real connection with each other?” – Jamie Catto.

We all know the answer to “how are you?”  is “fine thanks”.  I am sure we have all wanted to say “you would not believe what is happening in my life right now…..” at least once!

It can be hard to open up about difficulties we are facing with people we know.  Where does this lack of true intimacy come from? Are chronic stress and business, long working hours, and short down time giving us less time to connect?  Do we naturally doubt our value, or open up to people who don’t deserve it, or care?

When I was definitely not feeling fine, I remember friends inviting me round and me saying “I have had a bad day I just want to go home” (that’s if I even answered the phone).  And thinking – they will think it is my fault, will get bored of me moaning, and will judge me for not coping…  
Intimacy with those who deserve our story is wonderful and life changing.  I’ve had rubbish friends in the past, by cutting those out I have learnt to create and trust a great network.  Now I am happy to connect with authentic and wholehearted people.  To listen to their woes, and share mine.  
Who can you trust with your bad day?  How can you nurture that connection?


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