“my brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness”. Dalia Lama

When we feel low, confused, or hurt, we instinctively look for reasons, blame, or comfort. What if we were to look at our problems from a position or compassion, from a point of kindness; rather than pain, blame, or fear?

The answers to our problems are within our own brains and hearts.  If we shift our thinking so our personal life philosophy is kindness, and start by extending that kindness to ourselves, we can live with greater inner confidence.

I believe the greatest opportunity to learn, heal and grow is by understanding ourselves on a deeper level.  Going within. Looking at the messages our heart and brains are telling us.  Having faith to follow that guidance.  Trusting that this guidance is our truth and will lead us the where is right for us. Regardless of where we may have previously imagined we were going.

This is a difficult journey for some of us.  Our brains and hearts may store and process a lot of difficult painful experiences and fears.  To work from a place of self-kindness can liberate us from these burdens.  Doing it regularly can break old patterns and create a new habit of self-kindness and inner faith.

For me a simple way to engage with that inner sense of kindness is to ask

                       “Charlotte, what do I need to hear right now?”

I listen for the answer then lovingly tell myself what I need to hear, and commit to taking action if I need to.

Today I would like to ask you 

                           “what do you need to hear right now?”
                                   “where an you take action”


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