Are the Psoas Hip Flexors The Muscle of The Soul?

As someone who has been practising yoga for years, and still has their knees up by their ears in Cobblers pose, hearing this expression was intriguing.  

What did my lack of mobility in my hip flexors say about my soul – argh?!

stumbled across this article and felt a sense of clarity.  I have spoken about my experience with stress before, this article was a timely reminder that although I have overcome a lot and no longer ‘suffer from stress’, the scars are still carried in my muscles and subconscious mind.

In a nut shell – there is an association between our fight or flight instinct and this muscle which connects our lower spine to the top of our femur.

When we are relaxed and the muscle is relaxed we are able to enjoy a peaceful and playful open life.  When we are tense and anxious our body naturally tenses these muscles preparing it to fight or fly.  And our modern western lifestyle habits compound tension in this area.

I am grateful that yoga has given, and continues to give, me a greater understanding of my body and life.

Danielle explains it in more detail and refers to some interesting research – if you are interested, or have some pretty tight hip flexors yourself, it is well worth the read.

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