Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. Wayne Dyer

13 days ago I started a 40 day mantra practice to focus on manifesting abundance and prosperity.  I have had some pretty big breakthroughs I would love to share with you.

Abundance and prosperity are, like everything, expressions of energy.

To create strong foundations we must understand how we exchange energy generally.

With friends, family, clients, colleagues, shop staff, the bus driver, the food we eat, the washing we ignore.

In his book Give and Take, Adam Grant divides us into three simple groups, givers, matchers, and takers.  Givers can often give to everyone, which obviously sometimes includes the wrong people.  I.e. those who are happy to take without supporting, or respecting us for it.  When we give to givers and matchers, it is a ‘revolutionary approach to success’.

I had a BIG wakeup call with this last week.  I realised I needed to step back from those who were simply taking from me.  Some I have literally “unfriended” or disengaged with.  Where I need to change my expectations of others I have done so.

Now I am aware of who is part of the abundance around me; and who is living in, and acting out, scarcity and thus draining my energy and abundance.  Obviously some peeps sit in the middle and that is fine.

Using mantra has helped me tune into my abundance and remember to be more respectful towards it.  It is only day 13, and there has been big changes, including a few potential work opportunities I am really excited about.  I am already living in more abundance because I can literally feel energy in my life shifting. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

How would you like to be more abundance?
What is stopping you from tuning into your abundance?


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