Be Present My Arse…

I can remember ranting “be present my arse” at various people, books and webpages.  “Being present” is rolled out time and again as something we should do in order to feel better, be happier, cope with stress etc etc.

The problem is when you are unhappy, when life has thrown a tidal wave of awfulness

in your direction the last thing you want to do is sit in it and be grateful.  No.  We want things to change, we want to imagine a different life where everything is easy and fair and carefree.

Being present is easy when things are going well.  It is a pleasure to seek lessons in the odd challenge as we can look philosophically at why something has not gone our way.  But when NOTHING is going our way (or so it feels at the time) to sit around trying to enjoy the que we are in when we are late, the relationship breaking down, the financial disaster, the car that has been stolen, the total lack of personal space and time, is just bonkers.  Why make yourself more miserable?

I cannot put into words how irritating I find this concept.  I used to find it so patronising.  There is no shame in wanting things to be different.

Don’t ever settle for what does not feel right and is making you unhappy, under the pretense that you are being ungrateful or ungracious.  EVER.  If you cannot imagine something different, something better, something more in line with your values where you are at peace with your present, then how can you possibly hope to create it?

Visualisation is an important tool for manifestation.  Imagine what you really want, visualise it, and then take action to create it. Then you can enjoy being present there!

Looking back I can honestly say now I am very grateful for the things that challenged and upset me the most.  Because not wanting to be there, has helped me be here.


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