A Har a Day Keeps Scarcity at Bay.

So – My 40 day practice of Har mantra focusing on abundance has turned into an ongoing practice!  There have been so many ups and downs, always something happening.

Why did I start it in the first place?  Well, I want my business to grow, I would love to be able to reach and work with more people. I have come a long way in the last few years. 

The more my life and business call me from an increasingly confident authentic centre, the more I know I have got to keep diving to heal old damage and clear out old baggage.

My life gets better because I am willing to tap into my truth, and believe in my ability to live to my highest potential.  Anyone can live like this. You just have to believe it might work and keep trying.

What surprised me the most about the 40 days was how emotional it was. But, I had asked for this growth, committing to my abundance and prosperity.  So, I had to have faith these were the changes in my relationships, habits, and perceptions I needed to make.

I realised abundance is closely linked to pleasure and joy.  It wants to be embraced.  And if we are worried, embarrassed or scared by it, it will never thrive with us.  Prosperity, abundance, wealth – why would these things come along and live with us in a place of stress, upset, anxiety or fear?  I have come to think of it like nurturing a very human relationship. It needs to know I am committed to it, love it, respect it, and will always go the extra mile for it.

For true long term and sustainable abundance we must cultivate this relationship from an honest authentic place. We must trust each other, feel safe and secure together. It is essential to understand what abundance means to us, and what we want from it.  And then be loving enough to ourselves to allow ourselves to receive it. We give ourselves the gift of abundance, whatever that means to us.

Being clear about what it means to us also allows us to visualise it.  Visualisation is a powerful tool for manifestation.  Visualise it and allow it to happen. 

At the beginning it was clear I needed to take some steps back, to a true more authentic space, and look at why I started this business, what I want from my future. Then I started making choices from that place, and big changes began happening.  In a very short space of time.

I have clarity, confidence, peace, greater faith on a personal level.  On a professional level I have some new products, new working relationships, new classes and clients, and some very interesting ideas for future development. I am so grateful for the experience.

I will still continue to practice Har. It has been liberating, and I know this is what I am supposed to be exploring right now.

Sat Nam!


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