No matter what activity or practice we are pursuing, there isn’t anything that isn’t made easier through constant familiarity and training. Dalai Lama

We only need look at anyone ‘successful’ in their field to see the truth in this quote. From athletes, to nuns, we can see that dedicating our energy towards an activity we believe in can reap rewards.  Rewards are not always necessarily medals, fame, and a good seat in the next life.  

Living in the knowledge that we are trying to live our best life, use our gifts and skills to their best advantage, can bring a sense of inner peace and self confidence.  A sense of wellbeing that external stimulants often commonly practised (alcohol, shopping, gossiping, comfort eating to name a few obvious ones) simply cannot measure up to.

Many of us are not international sports people, or living in a convent.  So how do we know what daily practice is right for us, and how do we make time for it?  The simple answer, I believe, is to just do what feels right.  A couple of years ago I would come home and work on a sewing project everyday.  Not because I am the next great international designer, but because I loved learning the skills and found it relaxing and rewarding.  Now I have a daily meditation practice.  

All life is fluid.  We don’t need to commit to do the same thing for the rest of our lives. Just commit to what feels right for us now and allow ourselves to evolve through the exploration of our gifts and interests.  What makes us US!

Simply indulging in a practice that bring us happiness can make a big impact on our lives.  It can bring joy and relief, a sense that we are honouring our individuality.  For some of us it may lead to a vocational career, or improvement in our careers.  For others it can simply open up opportunities to cultivate happy hobbies.

The one thing that is sure though, is that the more we practice the easier it becomes. And if we are cultivating a practice from our heart, for the sake of enjoyment and fulfilment, it is easy to make the time for it.  It is easy to make the time for our happiness when we are in the habit of doing so.

With Love

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