How to avoid a neurotic Christmas!

This time of year can throw a lot of issues up cant it?  Family, friends, work.  Everyone wants a slice of us over the winter festivities.  How do we juggle everything?  And how do we manage to retain our sense of value, even if there is no-one who wants a slice of us?

Yes, it can be hectic.  It can also be lonely, weather we are alone or not.

It is not even December yet and I am planning how I am going to spend my Christmas and New Year.  Is this crazy?  Or is this self preservation?!  I don’t want to be stressed. I don’t want to end up doing so much keeping everyone else happy that my enjoyment gets forgotten about (by myself as much as anyone else).

It can be easy to put everyone else first.  It can be easy to feel that we are being neglected or taken for granted.  How do I avoid this?  I plan early, and then I stick to it. I quite literally visualise and coach myself to my own definition of a perfect Christmas and New Year!  How?  Here are some questions which may help you to ensure your Christmas lives up to your hopes, and not those of a glossy lifestyle magazine or unattainable perfection!

What do you want your Christmas and New Year to look like?  What would it sounds and feel like?  Who is there?  Who isnt there?  What is the reality or your situation? What are your financial, social, family, and employment boundaries? What do you need to do, or accommodate?  What would you regret not doing even if it is not in your ideal dream scenario?  What one thing would you really love to do for someone else?  What three things would you like to do for yourself?  How will you ensure that your needs are met?  What do you need to do now to create the Festive time you really want?

I know that December can be stressful, and feel like a let down.  I know that I must be realistic and make the most of what I have.  By planning my time and energy, allowing my needs to be met, I will be able to both experience and share more joy.  Hooray!

Let me know how your Winter Festivities go.
With love

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