Integrity has no need of rules. Albert Camus.

I don’t like rules.  I know some rules are good.  Like traffic lights.  But I just don’t want to do things because other people say I should. Unless I want to do it of course…

I find myself subjected to a barrage of messaging that we are in some way incapable of deciding what is right for us.  Or that our own moral compass is pointing in the wrong direction.

I don’t need a new car on finance to feel sexy or fun.  I don’t want a governing body to dictate my yoga practice. I don’t believe that men in suits are automatically the best people to run our country and banks.  Even if they did go to good schools. So what.  What makes the good marketers and well connected right? And the rest of us wrong?

One of the wonderful things about life is the freedom we have to create what we want and need.

If we truly believe something is right for us then it is.  Sure, someone can come along and tell you otherwise.  But you don’t have to change your mind just because they say so.

I just don’t like rules, especially ones where someone is being patronised or assumed less important.

It is empowering to live to our own values and desires.  To reject and ignore what does not serve us, and embrace what makes us smile and fills our well.

So today I would like to ask you – what rules and assumptions would you like to reject?  What new rules would you like to live by?


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