Lets All Shine Together!


I believe we each have a specific energy to express during our lifetime.  We just need to find the right frequency to vibrate on.  

The words, the knowledge, the information are within us already.  It has always been there.  When we are not living from this place it can create tension and un-ease, confusion, sometimes anger even.  

When we are living from a place which allows us to express and share our energy, message, and knowledge, from our hearts, we are living in alignment with our true purpose.   

I used to talk like this and eyes would roll, “she is off on her hippy tangent again”.  And so I conformed outwardly, whilst indulging in my hippy tendencies on the side.  This was a mine field.  The problem was I was not supposed to be in the places where “conforming” led me.  I never really fitted in.  My messages got lost.  My energy used up and spat out, wasted.  Or so I felt at the time.

I dreamed of a space where people thrived by being nice to each other.  Where helping and supporting each other was the norm, rather than competing against one another, undermining, sabotaging each other’s efforts.

I also dreamed of being self-employed.  Having my own business where I could share my energy and create value for others.  Reaching other people like me.

So I just did my thing on the side.  Spreading my positive word.  Refusing to compete.  Trying to share and support where ever I could.  Refusing to bitch and moan about other people, even when it left me on the outside and in the firing line.

Over the years of working with different people in different organisations I realised I didn’t just want to have my own company.  I needed to.  It became essential. I could only make the difference I was born to make if I had the freedom to vibrate at my highest frequency.  Full time.  Not on the side.  This realisation opened up so much space for me to grow into.

Initially that space created a vacuum of doubt.  As I became self-employed the truth of my situation was terrifying.  What on earth was I doing?  The more I committed to finding my way, the more my needs were met.  Everything, every mentor, every supporter was found.  When it seemed that things were going horribly wrong they were simply falling into a better place. 
Finding like minded others gave me the confidence to step forward and say; “Here I am.  This is my path.  I am going to follow it.  This is my energy.  I am going to honour it and cherish it because it is a gift and it is beautiful.”

Our human survival depends on sharing oxygen, water, and the earth itself. Every action and interaction is an exchange of energy.  And although I may have had a sense of this before, I never had the freedom and support to express it and really live from that place.

There is only sharing on your frequency, expressing your energy.  In all things.

When I didn’t fit in it was just a sign to move.  That I was in the wrong place.  Now I have found my place.  I know I am not crazy, alternative, wrong, or different.  I am just me being me to the biggest power of me possible.

When we all vibrate to our highest possible level we can create an abundance of energy to share, heal, inspire and attract more wonderful positive life force energy. Our individual gifts can combine and create momentum, bringing real impactful change for ourselves and others.  Lets come together, and not be afraid, to shine as brightly as possible.

With love, and faith that 2014 will be our best ever year!

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