The Chakras and Their Mantras – Anahata, The Heart Chakra

The Fourth Chakra – Anahata. The Heart Chakra. I feel. I love.

It’s home is the spine at the centre of the chest, in line with the centre of your sternum. It’s yantra (icon) is a green 12 petalled lotus flower. It’s element is air. It is connected to the cardiac plexus, heart, respiration and thymus gland. It is responsible for our emotions; our positive and negative feelings.

When blocked and unbalanced we might feel confused, sad, jealous, and lonely. When unblocked and balanced we feel a sense of unlimited freedom. We are able and willing to experience true divine love. It is the difference between love and hate, compassion and cruelty.

The seed mantra for Anahata is Yam. Please take a look at my short YouTube video about this chakra and it’s mantra below.


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