The Chakras’ and Their Mantras – Manipura, The Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Third Chakra – Manipura. The Solar Plexus Chakra. I can. I do.

It’s home is the solar plexus. It’s yantra (icon) is a ten petalled yellow lotus flower. It’s element is fire. It is connected to the digestive process, the assimilation of food and prana (life force). The Hatha Yoga Pradapika tells us that “at the level of manipura the consciousness is still bound by the grosser levels of existence and sensualities, ambition and greed.”

When we talk about having fire in our bellies, we are evoking the power of this chakra. Pushing ourselves believing we can, and finding the courage and power to “do”. When balanced and open it

creates vitality, strength, and a sense of balance and calm. When it is unbalanced or blocked we are likely to have digestive problems. We may also find ourselves driven by the ego, having too much fire in our belly!

The seed mantra for Manipura is Ram. Please take a look below at my short YouTube video for more info about this chakra and it’s mantra.

With Love

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