The Chakras and Their Mantras – Muladhara, The Root Chakra.

The First Chakra Muladhara. The Root Chakra. I am. I have.

Its home is the perineal floor in men, and the cervix for women. It’s yantra (icon) is a four petalled red lotus.It’s element is Earth. It influences the excretory and reproductive organs, reproductive glands and hormonal secretions.

When this Chakra is balanced and open we feel confident to make positive changes in our life initiate new beginnings. We feel so rooted and secure in ourselves we are unafraid to try and make difficult decisions. Self-preservation is empowering and brings expanisve and fulfilling changes; rather than inhibited and crippling procrastinating.

It’s linked to our animal instinct key to our sense of security and stability. It gives us our primal sense of wellbeing. We are either happy, grounded with a good feeling of survival. Or we feel uprooted, unsettled, and struggling to find a sense of purpose.

It is also the home to our Kundalini. Our Kundalini energy is said to be like a snake which sits dormant here, until we wake it up and unblock its path up our spine.

The seed mantra for Muladhara is Lam. My short YouTube video about this chakra and its mantra is below.

It is said that the lower Chakras operate at lower frequencies than the higher.


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