The Chakras and Their Mantras – Sahasrara, The Crown Chakra.

The Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara. The Crown Chakra. I am divine. I understand.

It’s home is on the outside of our body above our crown. It does not have an element, and it’s yantra (icon) is a violet thousand petalled lotus flower. It is associated with the pituity gland.

As Kundalini energy passes through our third eye chakra confusion and ego cease to exist. When it is fully activated it is said to be the door to the highest experience of human evolution and consciousness.

When blocked or unbalanced, when Kundalini cannot flow out, we may experience tension in the crown, headaches. We may find meditation, being still, being quiet, difficult and seek distractions. The balancing and unblocking of this chakra is the aim of yoga. We recognise god and divinity, we become self aware and our ignorance is dissolved. We are happy to surrender to our higher purpose and the divine within ourselves, the universe, and god. It is here that we truly experience the “union” of yoga. It is here that we experience samadhi. The seventh limb of yoga.

There is no mantra for Sahasrara, its sound is silence. It is often associated with Om, the sound of God and the universe.

My short YouTube video below explores the ideas surrounding Kundalini energy and the Chakra and Mantra further.


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