The Chakras and Their Mantras – Vishuddha, The Throat Chakra.

The Fifth Chakra – Vishuddha. The Throat Chakra. I speak. I hear.

Vishuddha is situated at the base of the throat. It’s yantra (icon) is a blue 16 petalled lotus flower. It’s element s ether. It is connected to the cervical plexus and thyroid gland. It is said to maintain purity in the body and mind. Strongly related to our ears it enables us to “hear” others, giving us a greater awareness of the needs of others. It is the power of communication.

When blocked and unbalanced we might have problems with the ears, nose, respiratory system and throat. We may find we are making excuses, not speaking the truth, not listening to others, not understanding. When unblocked and balanced we can speak the truth with confidence, listen to others properly. As Steven Covey would say, we can seek to understand before being understood. Our words are good and calm. We feel happy and calm and our abilities and gifts can blossom. This chakra must be free of blockages and balanced for us to express our true potential. Both verbally and physically. Gods will for us, our personal truth is expressed in this way.

This chakra sits between the physical body and the brain center and represents the midway point between the earth and sky. Below Vishuddhi the 4 lower chakras are concerned with the four grosser elements, and manifest energy in the form of elements. Above this chakra the energy force comes directly into contact with consciousness, and concerns their unmanifest energy.

The throat is home to our voice box, where thought is converted into audible sound. So this chakra can help you draw other unmanifest energy into manifest form. Focusing on this chakra can help you create the ‘noise’ you would like to in life.

The seed mantra of this chakra is Ham. Please take a look below at my short YouTube video about this chakra and it’s mantra.


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