What are Chakras?

Chak PicChakra means “wheel of light” in Sanskrit.  

They sit in the subtle body, but their influence reaches the gross and casual bodies.  

They are energy channels, or vortexes, circling the energy in a wheel motion.

There are seven main Chakras.   

Why do we work on them?  The Hatha Yoga Pradapika tells us that “when all the nadis and chakras which are full of impurities are purified, then the yogi is able to retain prana.”

These energy centers sit along the spinal column, in the center of the forehead, and the final seventh chakra sits above the crown.

Each Chakra focuses on a different life force energy represented by its position.  When they are unblocked and balanced they circulate the energy and prana in a positive way.  When they are blocked, or not circulating properly, we are likely to experience problems in that area.  It is not unusual to experience psychosomatic and/or physical problems relating to these centers.  By working with the Chakras we can co-create a healthy life force. 

                                       Muladhara – Root – I am, I have 
                            Svadhisthana – Sacral – I create, I am sexual 
                                   Manipura – Solar Plexus – I can, I do 
                                        Anahara – Heart – I feel, I love 
                                   Vishuddha – Throat – I speak, I hear 
                                        Anja – Third Eye – I see, I know 
                           Sahasrara – Crown – I am divine, I understand 

Each Chakra also has a seed mantra traditionally associated with it.  Practicing the mantra, creating corresponding sound vibrations, is thought to compliment the frequency of the chakra and bring positive connection.

Over the next few blog posts I will go through each Chakra individually.  Exploring their individual properties and potential.  I will also give tips on how we can work with them with some accompanying Youtube videos. Join the mailing list, or http://www.facebook.com/thehappyhunt , or Twitter @happyhunt for updates to these blogs.

With love
Charlotte x

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