Uncovering Wonderful Things (AKA De-Cluttering).


​I moved back to the family home about 6 years ago, as my parents moved to Wales.

This year when they came back for the family Christmas celebrations they made a decision…

​  ….They were going to de-clutter.   ​

40-something years of memories, packed away into eves, under stair cases and beds, in cupboards and wardrobes. And then there’s the garden sheds! Every nook and cranny of this lovely old little rickety cottage.

And then I had my own light bulb moment…I had some serious de-cluttering to do too. Old toiletries, clothes, fabric, books. How many pairs of heals does a yoga instructor need? As I found myself enjoying the process, I saw my parents become increasingly overwhelmed with the scale of their task. Not just the physical scale, also the huge emotional weight of their own re-discovered memories and possessions.

I rediscovered some wonderful memories, as well as clearing things I no longer want, use, or need. Creating space. Space for my new baby. Space for its father. Space for my business. Space for my current life to breath and stretch into. Happy, hopeful and joyful expansive space.

For my parents it’s not been so straight forward. They have a huge emotional attachment to some of what they are unearthing. Some things cannot simply be given away or disposed of. It is going to take more time and energy than first thought. But what then? Space for their true retirement. Their most sacred possessions will go to Wales where they can live with and enjoy them. It will be worth the chaos, the perseverance.

With committed action we can clear even our greatest emotional and physical drains.

What is cluttering up your life?
What is taking up space that you no longer need?
What is stopping you expand into the life you want?
What wonderful things might you uncover if you explore what you already have?

Charlotte x

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