Why Do We Celebrate The Full Moon?

11111The full moon is a revered, celebrated, and romanticised object.

For some it is simply a thing in the sky that changes shape and pulls the tides.  For others it holds magic, it has a great impact on our physical and mental stability, and can influence our present and future accomplishments and happiness.  ​

Whatever you personally believe, working with the full moon can be a fun approach to expanding awareness of what we want to change or work towards, and an opportune time to consider how to go about creating positive change.

The moon is said to be a Mother Goddess. A figure which represents the fertility and power of nature, the cycle of growth, intuition, and creativity. It nurtures and guides us. The full moon is the most regular powerful phase of the moon, and its influence is often considered to include the day before and the day after its appearance. When we work with the energy and power of the full moon we are asking for this Mother Goddess to boost our efforts.

Full moons can be used for any intention, wishes, aspirations, dreams, requests at all as the Moon’s energy peaks at this time. What we release into the universe at this time really packs a punch. This is why many of us save the full moon phase to work with difficult or complicated problems, or big dreams and requests. Setting intentions at this time is easier and more straight forward that working with the waxing, waning, or void moon phases.

Celebrations of the full moons are known as the Full Moon Circle or Esbat. There are formal and informal ways to celebrate, when people gather together it is always traditionally in a circle.

Each full moon can be celebrated simply for the power and mystic of the time. Each moon also has its own individual energy which reflects the activity of nature at the time of its occurrence. Practitioners can then choose to draw upon this distinctive energy during their ritual.

As each moon has its own different energy, each Esbat can be structured to reflect that theme. They can be as formal or informal as you like. Generally we begin by blessing, or purifying, the celebration area, in whatever way we like and feels right for us. We may then invoke the moon with a poem of prayer. And then make an offering of our wishes, writings, of gifts relevant to the month. Before finally tuning out.

Some Esbat gatherings will more formal than others. It does not really matter how structured or formal our gathering is as to its power. As long as we enjoy the celebration in whatever way feels right for us we can engage with the feminine, nurturing, and emotionally healing power of the Moon.

Charlotte x

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