A BIG Thank You

1111111I have recently come to realise that some people in my life are not simply general friends,  family, clients, or associates. No.

Some people in my life actually mold me into a better person.  The people who have made me question my values, my judgements, and my choices.

The people who have proved me wrong.  Those who have overwhelmed me with kindness when I couldn’t even see I needed it.

You see, I am moving to start a very different lifestyle in the next few weeks.  I am leaving the suburbs of North London where my friends some of my family are.  To start a new life as a single mum in rural mid Wales.  My parents are there, and some of my other close family will be local.  My baby will be 2 months old.  My physical business (as oppose to this cyber side of things) is on total hold for now.

This is going to be interesting.  Thinking back to 12 months ago I would never have seen this coming.  It has been a relentless year, a cycle of life lessons and personal growth.

At times truly exhausting, and lonely.  And yet now I have never felt so supported and cared for in my life before.

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve the friends, family and clients I am blessed with.  People who have listened and empathised with me, brought food round when I came home from hospital with my new baby and was too poorly and tired to cook, driven me when I could not drive, gifted me tens machines, hand made tea bags (see picture below), continued to read and sign up to this blog.  Above all simply being here for me – and now us.

I could gush on.  I wont though as I have written about personal relationships before here and here.

Today I am simply writing a blog of thanks.  Thanks to everyone who has made me realise how lucky I am.  I have no idea how I will ever repay you.  I will try, by being the best person I can be, and hopefully one day there will be an opportunity for me to rise to the occasion.   I will keep blogging and hope that we reach those who wish to be part of The Happy Hunt. And never take any of it for granted!

You are the light shinning through the cracks in my life. And you make it ok for the cracks to burst open, ready for us to step into this new phase together.

Thank you thank you thank you.

With lots of love from Charlotte and Henry

We will see you in October from Wales!

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