From the Ashes of Disaster Grow the Roses Of Success.

aaaaaaHow does a coach and yoga teacher who specialises in relaxation and stress reduction get stressed and tense?!

They become a single mum before they even have the baby, move house, and have to relocate their business.

That will do it.  ​

It has been crazy.  Although I have been quite poorly since the birth as a result, on reflection I think I may have got off quite lightly though.  A few years ago even a sample couple of weeks out the last 12 months would have left me irritable, frustrated, angry, anxious.  I would probably have been tearful, withdrawn, drinking a little more than I should, and not sleeping very well.  At best.

So, how on earth have I got off so lightly?  I have no idea.  It has been relentlessly challenging.  I should be a jibbering wreck.

I don’t have all the answers.  And perhaps that is the answer?  My life began to change for the better when I gave up needing to control things and simply began chipping away, trying my best to achieve what I really wanted.  What I really felt drawn to in my heart.

Now I am better at accepting adversity.  Being flexible in my planning.  Saying thank you for the disasters and things that hurt and the lessons they teach me.  In fact, saying thank you for my biggest “problems” and what they are teaching me has helped me get to sleep when I feel stressed in bed these last few months. On more occasions than I care to recount.

And now I am here.  Living with my parents and baby up a Welsh hillside.  My sister and niece move here next week, and my grandmother shortly afterwards.  Lots of things have been compromised when making the decision to commit to this move.  I am so lucky to have this as an option though.  And that most of my family will be in arms reach makes me feel truly blessed.  I still have my friends.  I still have a wonderful foundation to continue to develop my business upon.  I will get my energy and health back.

Everything will simply evolve.  I trust this.  I have total faith that this will all work out better than I could have ever imagined if I been desperately clinging onto my plan!

And anyway, as I learnt from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as a child – from the ashes of disaster grown the roses of success.

Perhaps there is a disaster in your life you can grow some roses from?!
Join me and let them grow!

Charlotte x

Happiness is where the home is.

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