Yoga Posture of The Month – October.


October is a time of harvest and hoarding.

Everything we have spent the spring and summer nurturing now comes to fruition.

It is a time to consolidate all of our efforts and reap the rewards for our present and future.  ​

What better posture to practice than “Savasana”, or corpse pose.  At the end of our active yoga asana/posture practice we move to lie on our mat and allow our body and mind to rest, to consolidate all of the movement, breath, and intentions we have practised. To reap the rewards of our practice.

Often overlooked, this is arguably the most important posture in a sequence.

The best thing about Corpse Pose is that EVERYONE can do it!

Simply lie down, let your feet fall outwards, legs mat width distance, hands with palms facing up a little away from your torso.  Draw your chin in ever so slightly to gently elongate your neck.  Close your eyes.

If you have a lot of tension in your jaw separate your lips slightly.  Grab a blanket, cushion for your head or to gently prop your knees up (good if you have a bad back), an eye pillow, or anything else that will help you stay here and enjoy a well earned rest.

Allow everything to settle, think happy thoughts and switch off.  Stay here for as long as your life allows.

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Charlotte xx

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