Time Changes Everything


Last year I ran a couple of workshops at a festival, The Secret Garden Party.

Sat round a table with some of the other people working in the Sanctuary area chatting, one of the specialist masseuses as a passing comment said to another “you could have been anyone 10 years ago”. ​

He had long hair, tattoos and piercings, and shorts; and went on to explain how he used to have a suited office job.  He gave it up to live a life working with people and their bodies, and some of that work involved festivals in a beautiful red mini yurt tent.  He had a life of freedom totally at odds with his previous lifestyle.

He made a choice.  And he changed his life.  Completely.  He was happy, relaxed, and doing something he loved everyday.

Now, weather you want to become a masseuse and spend your summers working at festivals in a yurt is beside the point.  The point is – Time Changes Everything.  But only if you let it.  Only if you do something with your time.  The odd minute here, weekend there.  Short course, long course, volunteering, it all adds up.  And together it can add up to a whole new life.  Or perhaps a new skill you have always wanted to learn.  Or get that promotion you want.

But if we just do nothing, nothing will change.  All the things we want will still be waiting for us in 10 years.

When we assert our dreams, stretch our capabilities, are clear about what we want and get up and start working.  When we stop making excuses, seeing problems and listening to negative feedback.  We can make things happen.  We can relax into change.  We can commit to small steps that add up.

No matter where we are today, how unhappy we are, how big or small our dreams and aspirations.  We can create our own happiness.  We can create whatever we want.  If we put our time to good use.

We can move on from difficulties and pain by taking steps to come to terms with things.  Or, we can obsess every day and stay, perhaps becoming bitter, stagnating in old patterns.

Have you thought about where you want to be in 10 years time?
What one thing can you do today to be where you want to be in ten years?
Make a plan – try doing one thing each week and see where it leads you.
There is a saying that overnight success takes on average 8 years. Such is nature. It is hard to grow something truly meaningful over night. We must decide what we want to create, prepare the ground, toil and nurture. And then, if we are lucky and rolled with the punches, we just might have something to harvest. And if we keep going and apply our new knowledge we might be more successful next year.

What if we don’t have something to harvest? What if our efforts appear to amount to nothing? What if we have sunk money and time into them which we will never get back?

Everything might just collapse in a heap of failure. We can leave it in a heap and move on, or we can pick over the bones of it and try again implementing what we have learnt.  Whatever feels right.  Things don’t always have to work to be right.  Just do something else that makes you happy.  But DO SOMETHING!

Things have to pan out, good or bad. Actions do not always create the results we had anticipated.

Time will keep moving.  With or without us.

With love

Are you finding it hard to move on from a difficult situation or experience?  Have you considered meditation?  In particular mantra.  If you would like to know more about how this can help please join me on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for my free mailing list by popping your email address in the box at the top of this page on the right – I will be creating some YouTube videos soon with some information about how mantra meditation can help us.

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