Yoga Posture of The Month – November


Animals begin to Hibernate for winter.  Ooo, the weather gets colder, the nights are short.  We know there is a busy festive time coming up.  It is the perfect time to rest and conserve.

And so Novembers posture is Supported Child’s Pose.

Here we bring the feet together, separate the knees and allow the abdomen the sink down in the space.

Arms and hands can rest in front of us, or behind us as in the picture.

Child’s Pose is used at various points during Asana practice.  Usually to allow the body to relax, consolidate the previous movements, sometimes as an opposition to a back bend. It gives us some time to allow the body to settle, recover from what we have been doing, and gently prepare for what is still ahead.  The perfect November pit-stop pose!

Child’s pose can be a little uncomfortable if you are pregnant, a bit chubby, have “short legs” from other exercise such as cycling or running which stop you sinking your hips into your ankles.

In this supported version we use a bolster drawn between the knees to rest the abdomen and face on, an extra layer beneath us, and perhaps a blanket to draw over us to keep us warm.

You can use whatever props you have around the home.  If you don’t have a bolster try bunching some pillows/cushions together, making a pile of books and covering with a blanket.  Get creative for maximum comfort!

If you need additional props try an extra pillow or blanket under your knees, your hands, between your ankles and calves.  Where ever you feel you could use some extra support for a truly comfortable experience.

Spend a few mins with your face to one side, and then spend the same amount of time with your face the other way – what we do on one side we must do for the other!


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