Yoga Posture of the Month – December


Reclined Cobblers Pose

With so much going on, and expectations so high it can be easy to get stressed.

What better way to make sure you are ready for the hectic festive time than having a lie down and easing the tension out of those hips and lower backs.

This posture is said to relieve tension, help induce sleep, help lower blood pressure, and relieve head aches.   Not only these, but it is also thought to help with digestion and elimination, and to ease digestive problems like IBS, stomach cramps. Perfect to help counteract the annual build up to Christmas and the New Year.  Lying back also opens the chest, helping to stretch and open those lungs.

Simply sit on the floor.  Bring the soles of the feet together, like a baby.  If your hips are tight you might like to move your hips away from your feet a little.  Those with very open hips will find their knees come to the floor.  For the rest of us they will still be in the air!  If it is comfortable lean back, carefully supporting yourself so your upper body is on the floor.  If you want some full on relaxation and support grab some props and practise the supported version…

Have a couple of pillows, cushions, blankets, or even jumpers.  Whatever you have to hand to pop under your knees and thighs, your back, shoulders and neck to support them. If you feel any tension or discomfort lift your bottom gently and let it resettle where it wants to be.  There should be a gentle release in the groins and pelvis.  If it pulls it will only create more tension here and in the lower back and bottom.  We know muscles are happier when released with ease.

Begin with 1 minute and build up as comfortable.  When finished use your hands to pull the knees together and hug them in.  If you would like to roll over onto your right side and take a few breaths here.  When you are ready use your left hand to push you up to sitting.

Do be careful when practising this posture.  It is a restorative pose and should feel completely comfortable and relaxing. If anything is catching or hurting then please stop and adjust.  Add or remove support depending on your own bodies needs.  If you are pregnant make sure your upper torso is supported to be above your pelvis. Post natal ladies should wait at least 3 months before practising any hip openers.  As always if you have problems, or previous injuries, do be careful.  Those with back of hip problems may need extra supporting props, or simply to avoid this posture. Whatever you feel is right.

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