Yoga Posture of the Month – January

aabJanuary.  With so many expectations for the new year it can be tough knowing what we really want and are actually willing to commit to!

Good intentions and positive starts maybe derailed by boredom and temptations.

So.  Easy Pose.  We contemplate, meditate, and rest.  Knowing that clarity will come.  ​

Our intuition can intervene when we give it space to do so.

Easy pose is often considered a modified version of Lotus Position. It is a meditative posture. We simply sit cross legged, with our back straight, chin tucked slightly in. Eyes are closed.

If you are new to seated postures and meditation, or find sitting cross legged uncomfortable, you may find it more comfortable to elevate your hips slightly by sitting on a fusion, folded blanket or small block. If you are unable to sit on the floor you can simply sit on a chair.

The important thing is to simply sit with yourself. If you have a lot on your mind you may find your thoughts will race. If this is so it may help to do some simple stretches or light exercise first, to help ease tension from your body and mind which may otherwise distract you.

Stay warm and comfortable with socks, a blanket and perhaps a jumper. Turn your phone off. If it helps you could try having some relaxing music in the background. Primordial sounds like rain, stream, or the gong are very good for helping induce and maintain states of relaxation and meditation.

With practice this can be very relaxing and peaceful personal time. Amazing things can happen when we make space in our lives to simply sit with ourselves. It might be called Easy Pose, but do not underestimate its potential. If we work at it it can help us to manifest and create wonderful change.

Acknowledge what you are working towards, and the sit and meditate with it.

Good Luck – and Happy New Year!
Charlotte and Henry

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