Yoga Pose Of The Month – March

111Tadasana – Mountain Pose

As the winter subsides we move from hibernation into spring.  Fresh growth. Germination.

From out of the ground, our cave, our safe warm space of winter we stand up, begin to unfurl, and awaken.  Ready for action.  For movement. We pause to awaken and focus.

Tadasana. Mountain Pose. A strong standing posture where we are gently engaged, we focus on our breath and our intentions. Perfect for gentle awakening at the end of the cold season.

Straightening up, improving posture, gently toning our legs, buttocks and abdomen. It can also subtly help with balance if practiced with feet together.

It is joyfully simple. Stand with balls of the feet together, heals slightly apart so your toes are in line. Lift your toes, and gently stretch them out and place them back down, you can rock forward and back on your heals as well to help get a really lovely well centred stance.

Softly engage your muscles all the way up your legs, and don’t forget your buttocks. Draw your tailbone down and gently contract your abdomen.

Inhale and roll your shoulders forward up and open in a fluid circular motion. This will have drawn your shoulder blades together and hold this frame. You may notice that you can breath bigger, more expansive breaths with your shoulders open like this. But try to avoid sticking your bum out! Draw or scoop your tail bone back under and gently engage that tummy again if you have over compensated in this way. Let your arms settle down by your sides with the palms facing forwards.

To finish tuck your chin slightly in, elongating your upper cervical spine into a comfortable “neutral” position. And take a soft gaze straight ahead, you can also close your eyes if comfortable.

Mountain Pose is a great standing resting posture, and often links or is the base for standing posture. I can also be used as a simple conscious resting, grounding and focusing stance, at any time in any place.

It gives us the chance to stand still, set an intention for our practice or just our day. Breath big clear expansive breaths.

If you feel unbalanced or unsteady separate your feet as much as you need.

We can practice Tadasana wherever we are. Subtly engage into the posture and breath anywhere from the train to the shops to the kitchen.

This is also a great posture to modify to seated. Find a seat which you can place both feet on the ground comfortably. And follow the instructions exactly the same!

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