What is My Best Way Forward?


Do you ever hear or read advice and think “that is great, but it is never going to work for me?”

As my maternity break comes to an official end I have given a lot of head space to the contemplation on how I am going to get my business back up to speed.  ​

But I wont magically have more time to work and build classes and teach and guest, and network, and blog and social media and and and everything you need to do to have a successful business these days….I still wont have a partner who will be here on the evenings and weekends to give me regular and consistent time either.

I have wanted to release my members area for aaagggeeesssss.  And with lots of support from family babysitters and testers, my mums artwork, and having done a great deal of the work before Henry was born, this is finally ready and up.

So.  Without a great deal of time and budget, how can I get this out there?  Promote it? Spread the word?  “Make Sales?”

I know without hesitation I was meant to create the Members Garden.  Guided into it. And finally it is ready, so what do I do now?!

But the principles of modern business are the same aren’t they? The things which worked before will work now surely?

This has really made me look deeper into how I want to, and actually can, spend my time.  My current situation is so different from where I was before pregnancy and the move.  How I work, and actually offer my offerings has to change too.


  • I love Social Media.  But I cannot spend what little time I have keeping up with my tweeting.
  • I have never got a handle on Instagram even though it is the “latest thing I really must do to be successful”.
  • I love Facebook, but again simply don’t have time everyday to create content for there to keep up as much as I “should”.
  • I don’t have the time to write guest posts and articles for other pages and magazine.  I don’t have the funds to advertise in them either really.
  • I live in a rural place, and have a small dependant baby, so getting out and meeting people, guesting etc are simply not plausible at present.

What are my options then?

Do you ever feel that the generic advice out there does not fit your circumstance?

For us right now, the generic business advice simply does not apply.  Generic working mums advice does not seem to fit either.

Do you ever feel like saying “thank you, but that advice is not going to work for me?”  That is where I am at the moment.
We are, after all, individuals.  Our situations and our desired outcomes our own.

I need to know “what will work for me and my family, in our current circumstances?”

I know my reality and my options.  I simply cannot see which is my best way forward.  Nothing feels quite right.

As frustrating as it is to not be able to push ahead I know I must wait, and ask.

And so, like so many times before, I have come to decide that my only way to push forward to create action is to spend some time in in-action.  To meditate, to mantra, to sit and ask my inner team.

Are you in a similar situation?  What is on your mind that you would like a way forward with?

Join me for a few minutes each day in a comfy quiet spot, bring your snag to mind and ask…

“what will work for me and my family, in our current circumstances? What is my way forward?”

With love
Charlotte xx

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