An Abundance of Ways Meditating Can Change Your Life.

Are you dreaming of more?

Do you know you could create it if you got focused and had the support of a like minded positive group of people?

Would you like to join me?

Sign up to The Members Garden here before April 12th 2015 and, as well as all the normal e-courses, e-books, and goodies, you will receive all the info you need to join me for the group meditation, and access to the private Facebook group. I will also send you regular prompts and updates during the practice to keep you on track and manifesting to your full potential! Lets do this together!

People have all kinds of ideas about what meditating is, how you do it and what it can achieve.

8 years ago I would never have imagined I would fall in love with meditation and how much it would have changed my life.

I am a hot headed Aries with an extra dose of extreme Pitta.  It is ridiculous, I am as hot and firey as they come.  Therefore I am also a very physical person. I like action. I have a lot of steam to burn off.

Sometimes this steam comes out in negative ways.

I can be competitive, unfocused, over-zealous.  In darker moments I can be resentful, jealous, indulge in negative addictive behaviours, anxious, closed and shut off from others who care, and entertaining people who are not interested in my happiness.

Discovering meditation and relaxation techniques changed all of that.

And now in more challenging times when I can feel old behaviours trying to creep back in I have a survival strategy.  I make room to set a positive new intention, and I meditate.  In what ever way will work for me that day.

I have learnt over time that there is no one way to meditate.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you are conciously engaged in the process.  You can sit, stretch, run, sing, visualise, bath in gong vibrations recorded on YouTube, just bath…

You don’t have to be any good at it.  You don’t have to always beat the distractions.  Sometimes they are there for a reason.  You don’t have to have a messy or a perfect life, be skinny, or religious.

You can be whatever and whoever you are.  You are the only one who can judge yourself. You are the only one who can reject your true self.

Meditation will never judge you and never reject you.

Meditation has helped me stop judging myself, and be a truer more authentic, happier person.

My life is particularly challenging at the moment.  I am blessed and grateful don’t get me wrong.

I do need to set new intentions though.  I can feel the pull, a nag, a snag.  It is saying “Charlotte, Love, you need to realign.”

To create an easier and more abundant future for myself and Henry.  To aligne this with my personal values.  To have positive relationships and the space to live a life where I can stretch and breath into.

I need to reach for, and create, more of these things.

I plan to begin a 40 mantra meditation practice of “Har” on Sunday 12th April.

Last time I did this it changed my life beyond recognition.  My business changed. It became more focused and channelled new income streams into my life.  Suddenly I was being offered work in projects and groups I was only dreaming about before.  I learnt a few tough lessons about who in my life was draining my energy, and cut a few loose. Creating more space for better positive relationships.  I began saving again!

Things have changed so much since then.  I have had a baby, become a single mum, and moved to a different country.  I have a strong urge to top up on Har.  So to speak.

I have new dreams for my family, friends, home, and business.  I would like to focus on creating abundance again and expand in fulfilling ways.

I need to be realistic.  I am going to spend some time between now and the 12th really consider what abundace and prosperity I am seeking in my new circumstances.

I would also love to share this practice with others this time. To explore its impact, and what lessons unfold.  To be part of a group of like minded exploritors. (Is that a word?)  All channeling positive energy to manifesting the abundance we wish for in our lives.

What does abundance mean to you?  Where are you craving abundance in your life?  What would it feel like to have more of what you really want?

a1And remember. Be careful what you wish for – you might just get it!

I would love for you to join me.  If you would like that too take a look below for details of how.
With love

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