Joyful June

That is what I am going to say to myself if, (and lets face it when) I get a grump this month.   
Joyful June Joyful June Joyful June Joyful June Joyful June Joyful June…. 
In different upbeat tones each time.  Feel free to join me!Annnnyywaaaayyy…  I have had some major tech issues last month.  Laptops breaking, going for repair, coming back “fixed”, but actually more broken in a whole new way than when they originally went in?!  The internet limped along for a week, then died completely, so we had the best part of three weeks with very limited, and then no use.

I only have a limited amount of time to work in.  I need to be super focused.

I have spent a massive amount of time “trying” to do things.  And have realised actually I don’t have a lot to show for my efforts.  It could not have come at a worse time for the launching of the Members Garden.

Why?  What does this mean?  Why isn’t it easier?!?!

Back in March I was asking What Is My Best Way Forward?  It has become clear that I must invest into the physical side of THH again.  I don’t know what this looks like yet.  Still!  But it feels like that is the way the universe is nudging me to go.

I love developing new workshops, ebooks, ecourses, courses etc etc.  I love every part of what I do.  And I miss working with people in a physical sense.  All of the best products I have created in the Members Garden have come from physical workshops and course and classes.

I need people to fuel my fire. I miss it. I miss it even more when the internet is down for weeks and I cannot hang out with my inter-buddies and clients.  Like I have no emergency contingency plan!

What I do know is I need to pull back from a few things for a week or two.  My fancy work laptop needs to go back in.  Hopefully to be fixed properly this time.  So it kind of feels like I can have a go at answering my earlier questions.

I think this means I can see there are challenges to running the more complicated side of things on-line at the moment, and I can make it a bit easier for myself by acknowledging this and planning for it rather than reacting to it.

Therefore I am going to have a genuine break.  A holiday.  I am going to do the unthinkable and PRE-WRITE next months blog and newsletter!  Then, I can update them, or give myself an extra bit of time for reflection and contemplation.

Pre-writing is not my style.  But.  I need a break.  I need to get things straight and spend some of my free time reading or napping or cooking random things I never have the time too, or I can finish my crocheted rug or or or or…. but not endlessly sorting out tech issues and stressing about not being able to do all the internet computer based work stuff the whole time.  That sucks.

Work needs to be easier and better balanced for me to manage it in an authentic way.  More like it used to be, but with an (amazingly scrumptious) 10 month old baby in the middle!

I can still do some work bits.  Make up some posters and plan some workshops and classes here.  I can journal.  And hopefully get some of the things I have been unable to crack on with cleared off the to-do list along the way.

I will still be about, checking into emails, Facebook and Twitter.  And I may even do some micro-blogging along the way here.

Do you need a break too?  Is there something going on now you know you could plan better to work through?  What can you plan to do right now to make June truly Joyful?

Charlotte xx

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