Pose of The Month – June

(Modified) Hand to Big Toe Pose  

The season has defo changed here.  We have had days that area actually sunny and warm. I have worn my shorts and bare feet!  Bliss.  I would say it is certainly early summer.  

(Side note – today is the 1st June and we have sever weather warnings and heavy rain!)

Check out the, soggy, blooms! 

As we have shaken off the cobwebs and unfurled into Spring.  I now find the suns energy is nudging me to reactivate and get ready to go!   

The early stage of the season calls for balance and awareness though.  We are still cold and need to warm up and move gently.  We still have colder days of heavy wind and rain! 

I think Modified Hand to Big Toe Pose is perfect.  We are active, standing, balancing.  But we are reserved, gentle, and patient.  The legs are warmed and strengthened.  The hips strengthened and stretched ready to step forward and give us a strong active foundation.   

One of the lovely things about this posture is how many ways we can modify it.   

Start by coming into Tadasana – Mountain Pose (Click here for info!).  I like to rock back and forwards on my feet to find a nice centre of balance before I gently engage my “standing leg”.  This is the leg which we will balance on.  Ever-so-gently grip into the floor with your toes, and softly engage the muscles from your toes, all the way up your leg, into your tummy.  When you are comfortable bend your other knee and bring the foot carefully, with control, off the floor.   

How high you lift it is entirely up to you.  If you are new to balance poses then you may find it challenging.  But know that, generally, balancing becomes easier and stronger quickly with regular practice.  Notice which leg is easier to balance on, and practice for a little longer on the other side to bring better balance to your balances!  

This pose can also be modified by practicing standing in front of a wall.  This will help you to maintain a good posture, not to lean forward or back.  

When you are comfortable lifting your foot, you can work on hugging your knee into your body.  Remember to keep your back straight and stand upright.  When this becomes easier you can extend your leg straight out, use a belt/towel/scarf as a useful arm extender.   

Don’t worry about swinging your leg out to the side or turning your torso or getting your forehead to touch your knee or any other version you have heard of!  If you want to go for it!  If you want to practice grounding, balancing, and focusing then simply modify for where ever is right for you.   

Repeat the other side.

As always – check with your GP or physio if you have any injuries or concerns.  If you feel dizzy, in pain, or uncomfortable at any time stop!  Yoga should be fun and feel good.   

Have fun!

Charlotte xx


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