Yoga Pose Of The Month – July

Star Pose.

We have meditated, awoke, and warmed up.  Now it is July.  Let us open ourselves up and invite the warmth in.  Star Pose is a lovely simple way to expand into summer.   We stretch out in all directions, like the plants and flowers around us, we can reach out and bask in the more inviting weather.Like the fledgling baby animals of this time of year we can explore what our true range is and REACH out into the open! 

This pose gently stretches and strengthens everything when practices consciously.  Dont just stand there and with your arms out! Plant your feet, softly engage your muscles all the way up your body to support you in a good posture.  Reach the arms out and hold them nice and steady – all the better to give and receive with.  Use your neck to support your head to open up your chest and throat safely.   

Simply take a medium stride, and turn your right foot to point to 2 o’clock, and left foot to turn to 10 o’clock.  Legs are straight, gently engage your core to support your back, and lift your arms.  Some practice this with arms at shoulder height.  I like to raise the arms a little, it just feels more joyful and fun!  More of an expression.  If it is comfortable you can close your eyes.  Take nice big deep breaths.  Fill your lunges and embrace July! 111

As always, practicing in a conscious way will always get the most out of a pose.  It will also make you aware of where you may need to modify for your body.  If it hurts to have your head tilted back, bring it back to neutral.  Move your feet closer together if it helps you balance.  Lower your arms if your shoulders hurt.  Make sure you a comfortable and safe when practicing, never do anything which hurts.  And always talk to your doctor before practicing if you have any injuries or concerns.

Have fun shining like the star you are!
With love
Charlotte x

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