Yoga Pose Of The Month – August

Staff Pose 
Ground like a staff, imbed into the warm earth.  Waiting patiently to claim our harvest.  

The hard work we have put in so far this year is culminating.  

We must stay in touch with the seeds we have sown to identify the right moment.Sure, high summer is a great time to relax and socialise. It can be easy to neglect positive habits when the sun is shining and the Pims are flowing.   

Practicing grounding and good posture with Staff Pose is a lovely subtle way to stay engaged and focused on what we have already invested our energy in.   

Staff Pose ties together some of the key areas we have been working on with our POM’s.  Alignment and good posture, gently strengthening the back and leg muscles, and opening our chest and shoulders.   

Sit with your legs straight out in front of you, gently engaged.  Feet together and toes pointing upwards.  If you notice you have lazy legs where the feet want to flop out sideways you can gently flex your feet.  Gently draw your thighs towards the floor and push your heels away from you, toes draw towards your head.  This will help your legs stay engaged and support a good alignment.  

Your hands are placed in line with your hip bones on the floor.  Fingers facing forward.  

Imagine your sitting bones rooting into the floor.  As you next inhale lengthen all the way up your spine, lift your sternum to keep your shoulders and chest nice and open and strong. And draw your chin slightly in to nutralise your upper spine and imagine the energy flowing out of your crown.  As you next exhale let your shoulders relax, close your eyes and enjoy this position for a good minute or so. 

If your upper body wants to lean back try popping a folded blanket or cushion under your bottom.

Happy Staff Posing!

Charlotte xx

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