A Human Crisis

Right now in Europe we are seeing what the media and politicians are calling a “migrant crisis”.  What a horrible term.  These are real people.  This is a human crisis.

We are seeing pictures of lorries and capsized boats full of dead bodies. Humans. Lives. Exploited by people smugglers who simply don’t care if they live or die.  And hearing many accounts of the lucky ones.  Arriving, “waiting to be processed” for asylum.  More real actual people.  “Waiting to be processed”.

More and more and more people just like us. With feelings and families and hope for the future.

There doesn’t seem to be any obvious or easy answers. The reasons for this current relentless influx are complex and violent.

It is on such a huge scale.  How can we as individuals make any meaningful impact. It seems like it is governments and warmongers to decide. They seem to have all the power.

Some like peace. Some like tearing countries apart and hurting people.

Humans, in our extremes, are both amazing and amazingly cruel.

Why don’t I have more power?

And what would I do if I did?! It is just such a mess. Where do we even start.
I have no idea.  But I am going to start by not de-humanising them as numbers and strangers and outsiders.  This is a human crisis.  In another time this could be me and my family and friends.

I don’t want to listen to politicians and news commentators spouting statistics and sensational or idealistic opinions. I want someone to do something!

Who do I write to? Send money to? Pray to?

I have no idea.

I cannot change the interests or values of some of the key players in the current war zones and our political leaders.

Q. What is in my power?  A. I can make conscious choices and decisions.

Therefore I choose to aspire to have a greater influence, be a greater force for good, for positive change. I don’t know how I will achieve this. But I am setting this intention now! I am claiming my right as a compassionate, tolerant, peace loving human being to have greater power to create positive and impactful change for others.

How am I going to do that?!  I have no idea.  It feels so big.  So I need to break it down, go back to basics.  Do what I know.  I need to ask.

So that is what I am going to do. Today and every day until I have the answers and the guidance I need.

Q.What can I do to be a more powerful force for good? Q. What can I do to help those real people in crisis pouring into Europe, and those left behind?

Is there some power in your life you feel is unclaimed?  Where can you make a conscious choice to live a life with more or your own personal power?

Charlotte x

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