Pose Of The Month – September

Cross Legged Forward Fold 

Early September – Harvest is in full swing.  And with harvesting comes preserving. A final flurry of action. 

Investing a little more time and energy to make sure we are going to get the most out of all our actions and efforts from the ljgpreceding months.  It is now or never.  We get going or we waste what we have worked for.

In contrast by late September we are also working to wind down, calm the mind and flow of energy. Exhausted and grateful for a full larder, sun-kissed arms and the physical work and play of the summer. We are now getting ready for cooler weather, darker nights and the coming introspection that autumn and winter invite.

This pose gently stretches the hips, spine, shoulders, knees and ankles.  It is deeply relaxing and a great opportunity to warm up, and warm down.  You can do this first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.

Starting in East Pose.  Remember you can sit on a blanket, cushion, bolster, or block to elevate the hips if that is better for you.

We simply inhale and elongate the spine – sitting up nice and long and straight.  As you do this stretch your arms out to the sides and up to should width distance above your head.  Then as you exhale let your shoulders relax as you keep your hands where they are, arms still extended.  Now inhale again and reach up nice and long, elongate.  Then exhale, hinge from your hip creases as you reach forward.  Some will be totally flat.  Others of us will find this uncomfortable/impossible!

You can keep the extension in the spine and let the hands settle at a comfortable distance.  You can also drop your hands to your sides and use them to support the posture by letting them come to just beside your buttocks, and easing yourself to lean forward.  For some of us sometimes, it is enough of a stretch into the hips to simply inhale and elongate the spine, and lift the sternum (heart centre) with no forward bend at all!

Please do what ever feels safe and comfortable for you.  Remember to ask your doctor if you have any concerns or questions about practicing yoga, or injuries, or illness. And if you feel unwell or in pain at any point please stop and come out of the pose slowly and carefully.

Happy Forward Folding!
Charlotte xx

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