Intuition. Knowing When to Stay Out And When To Stay In.

Guest Post!

This is the first time we have ever had a Guest Post here at THH – it has been lovingly written by my eldest sister Harriet.  It turns out I am not the only Hunt who loves rabbiting on about intuition at this time of year!

Enjoy – Charlotte x

  Intuition – Knowing When To Stay Out & When To Stay In – By Harriet Hunt  

Intuition is one of our most under rated and ignored senses. Gut instinct is something we should all be aware of and trust in the same way we trust what we’re looking at or hearing. Trusting your own feelings about a situation is empowering and important.

If we don’t listen to what our intuition is telling us we can find ourselves relying too much on other people’s ideas and decision making. Using your intuition means that you consider more than what some one is telling you or what you can see.

When you trust your intuition you are demonstrating to yourself that you are confident in your own abilities to deal with whatever it is you are facing no matter how trivial or potentially life changing. It can help you make better decisions, not be fobbed off and perhaps challenge assumptions or entrenched views. It can also help us to read people and get a measure of what is actually going on for them in their world. This can make us useful and sensitive friends, knowing when to step in or when to leave something lie. A hunch about how someone is feeling can help unravel what is really going on.

Intuition is being able to tell someone isn’t right even though they say they are. It’s knowing that you’re not well even though you have been told everything’s fine. Conversely it’s knowing you’re well while someone is telling you that you’re poorly or at risk. It’s being able to trust yourself to make a decision based on how you feel and what you can tell rather than what you are just being told.

Some intuition is obvious, baby weaning for example. I never ignored the fact that my babies were hungry before the recommended six months. They were starving, irritable and lurching towards food and shoving it in their mouths. By using my instinct and making a decision based on what I could see and tell I felt confident enough to respond to the needs of my children. Everyone was happy.

With grown ups it is often more subtle. Being able to read body language and tone of voice is crucial to getting on with people and being able to support them. It’s about reading signals that aren’t as direct as statements and actions. It can save a life.

Intuition is about having confidence in yourself to read your own feelings and those of others. Not relying on other people to tell you how to act, react and go about your day may seem scary but is actually just a case of using all of your senses.

It’s not foolproof, we all mishear or see things from a different angle but it’s the best we’ve got and we should have more confidence to use it and trust ourselves and our abilities to manage without instructions more.


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